Texas Veterans Commission

Hazlewood for Institutions of Higher Education

Hazlewood DD-214/Demographic Reporting Update

Submission Date: January 31, 2019

Beginning October 2018, public institutions of higher education were notified of the need to submit additional demographic data as it relates to the use of the Hazlewood Act tuition exemption by Texas veterans and their families. This additional, standalone report provides data that will be used to respond to legislative inquiries that have arisen, and which may continue to arise, concerning the utilization of this state benefit. The TVC appreciates the cooperation and efforts of the institutions to provide the additional criteria and submit them in conjunction with the semester exemption reports by the January 31, 2019 submission date. Over the last few weeks, the reporting database and mechanism has experienced technical difficulties, which are actively being addressed and resolved.

  • All maintenance to the database is scheduled to be completed by Monday, January 28, 2019.
  • The maintenance will address any concerns or technical issues related
    • to *.csv file uploads and data processing, and
    • the ability to upload subsequent data files (whether demographic reports or semester exemption reports) even if prior institutional submissions have not yet been processed by the database.
  • Institutions that have already submitted the demographic report:
    • will see that uploaded *.csv files have not been processed; however, data has been received and processing will begin on January 28, 2019.
    • may elect to provide data through direct keystroking via the web-based form if desired, and as noted in the posted procedures manual.

The TVC would like to assure all institutions that any delay caused by the current technical difficulties will have no adverse impacts upon current or future exemption reimbursements calculated by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB). The demographic report is separate and independent of all data submitted to LBB for reimbursement processing. Should certifying officials have any questions or concerns, contact the TVC via e-mail at hazlewood@tvc.txas.gov or via phone at 512-463-3168.

Thank you for your continued support of veterans and their families as they pursue their educational goals!

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